Monday, April 4, 2011

Our 5 Senses

In Science this week, we had a wonderful time exploring the 5 Senses in the human body.  We rotated through different centers, and recorded our work.  At the smelling center, we smelled different things and had to guess what they were. Our favorite smell was the mint! At the tasting center, we tried foods that were sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Everyone liked the chips and chocolate! No one liked the onion. We learned about our sense of sight by trying to drop a paper clip in a jar while closing one eye. At the touching center, we had to guess what was inside a dark sock. We all liked the feel of the smooth rock.  In the hearing center, we listened to the sounds different materials made inside a yogurt container. It was lots of fun!

After exploring our 5 senses we had a class discussion about how these characteristics help humans meet their needs and explore the world around them.

We watched a  YouTube video on our five senses. Check it out!

Here is a  fun game on the 5 senses!

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